Technical Information

FastFence is a steel foundation that is screwed into the ground to support fence systems.  Our product has been specifically designed to attach to the Grand Slam Safety Fence and support its loading requirements in all types of soil conditions.  Unlike most “screw in” foundations, FastFence is designed to support lateral loads that are created from wind and tension of the suspended fence system.

The patented battered connection on the foul pole bases helps give FastFence the strength to keep the foul poles upright with the tension of the Grand Slam Safety suspended fence.

With the use of small equipment, all foundations for a field’s fence can be installed in just a few hours.  No excavation or concrete work is required, creating minimal disturbance to existing sod fields.  Grand Slam fences can be installed into FastFence immediately after foundation installation, eliminating the long cure time required when using concrete bases.

Installation costs are comparable to traditional concrete bases, but construction time is reduced by 85%.

FastFence products are made from 90% recycled steel.

FastFence installs directly into the existing soil, without any disturbance to drainage layers, topsoil, or sod.

All connections to the Grand Slam Safety fence system have been integrated into FastFence, eliminating any construction coordination for the customer.  Once the FastFence bases are installed, the suspended fence simply attaches in place.

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